Sex care brand sends free masturbation products to Olympians

Athletes looking to blow off steam in the Olympic bubble need only slide into Tulipán's DMs

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Jul 23, 2021

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Every two years, when top athletes from around the globe gather in the Olympic Village, tales of sexual escapades flock to the media like pigeons to Times Square. And it’s no secret that Olympian libido runs sky high. Since the 1988 Games in Seoul, the International Olympic Committee has provided free access to huge quantities of condoms for competitors.

However, the global pandemic and its highly-contagious Delta variant have proven to be quite the cock-block for this year’s Tokyo Games. In addition to rigorous testing and banning spectators, the IOC can take disciplinary action against participants who disregard proper masking and distancing precautions, especially in enclosed spaces.

There has also been talk about anti-sex beds that collapse at any sudden and forceful movement (though Northern Irish athlete Rhys Mcclenaghan drew attention on social media when he debunked the rumor).

This is where Tulipán comes in. The Argentinean sexual care brand recognizes that the benefits of a healthy sex life rival a nutritious meal or adequate sleep, especially for Olympic athletes who must perform under great pressure and stress.

Tulipán is sending free products, like its intimate gels and sex toys, to any Olympians who need to blow off some steam solo this year. In addition to reaching out to athletes in despair on social media, the brand will send free products to any Tokyo competitors who slide into their DMs.

“We all hope that the athletes will achieve their goals during the competition. For this reason, from Tulipán we want to make our contribution so that they can be stress-free and focused on giving the best of themselves,” says Felipe Kopelowicz, CEO of Tulipán, in a statement.

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Jul 23, 2021
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