This Netflix billboard is a terrifying jump scare

The prank out-of-home ad brings 'A Classic Horror Story' to life for unsuspecting passersby

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Jul 23, 2021

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Watching a movie that’s too scary? Turn it off. Slasher emerges from the screen and chases you? Scream. But there's no escaping the terror that is Netflix's new billboard.

For Netflix’s new release "A Classic Horror Story," a frightening film about travelers stranded and hunted in an Italian forest, agency Publicis Italy immersed unsuspecting passersby in a terrifying prank.

This month, Netflix and the agency erected a massive digital billboard in Milan that featured the film’s cloaked and masked villain trudging back and forth. When a pedestrian passed close to the screen, the figure eerily followed them or, if the viewer stopped to look, it stared right back (all with the help of motion-capture technology).

When passersby reached the end of the billboard, however, that's where the fright really began. An actor dressed in the same horrific costume emerged from inside the billboard with a large hammer to give them a true jump scare.

The result is hilarious from a distance—distance being the keyword.


Jul 23, 2021
Client :
Netflix Italy
Agency :
Publicis Italy/Le Pub

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